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Winter weather precautions



Tenants need to be aware of problems which can occur during cold weather, frost damage being one of the biggest risks.   A burst pipe can cause substantial damage to your home and its contents.

Repairs can be complicated and may involve digging up lawns, tarmac or paving.   Any resulting problems from burst pipes etc will be very much the tenant’s problem and may also involve adjoining properties.


Damage can be avoided by taking a few simple precautions including:

  • Opening the loft trap door on cold days to let heat in
  • Keeping the plug in the sink during frosty weather
  • If you are away for more than 24 hours, leave the heating on a low setting and ask a friend or relative to check on your home to make sure the pipes haven't burst or frozen
  • Report dripping taps because if they freeze they will block the pipe
  • Know where your stop tap is and check you can turn it off easily in an emergency  


·        Ensure your rooms are always warm and properly ventilated.
Too much ventilation in rooms can carry away too much heat and this can cause wall surfaces to get so cold it will actually encourage condensation rather than reduce it.

      When cooking, keep kitchen door shut and window open.

       When bathing, washing or drying clothes, keep the room door shut and the window open.

      Tumble driers produce a great deal of moist air and this should, ideally, be ducted directly to the outside of the house.

If cIIf condensation is very bad in the house you should consider drying your clothes at a launderette if you can't dry them outside.


There are a few common heating problems that don’t always need an engineer to be called out, to avoid this can you please ensure that

 If you have a pre-payment meter make sure there is enough credit to allow the heating/hot water to come on

  • Check the pressure on your boiler hasn’t dropped/ or require to be topped up
  • Make sure all the electrics to the boiler are switched on and working properly

Please report heating breakdowns to our office on 01506 676300 and an engineer will be arranged.

THIS NUMBER IS AVAILABLE 24 HOURS FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY i.e.  If there is a vulnerable person in the property, a child under 6 months, someone who is elderly or disabled and you are without heating or hot water.   

Outwith office hours you must leave your name, property address, contact number & details of the problem.  Your call will be answered promptly.   You may be charged for non-emergency callouts.  


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